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Labor Dispatching

What is labor dispatching?

Labor dispatching refers to an agency that recruits workers required by an employer requiring for dispatched workers (agency workers). The agency will screen the eligibility of workers before dispatching them to the employer to carry out work and assignments under the instruction and management of the employer.



Domestic Recruitment Service

Employer recruitment outsourcing

Recruitment service

  1. Planning and organizing recruitment publicity materials
  2. Quick recruitment of correct workers through professional recruitment teams
  3. Recruitment of medium-level and higher-level personnel, professional personnel, and management assistants
  4. Reducing mass recruitment pressure


Advantages of recruitment outsourcing

  1. Diversification of recruitment sources and channels
  2. Reducing recruitment expenses
  3. Enhancing resource utilization efficiency
  4. Constantly filling employers with new power
  5. One-stop order acceptance, local service across Taiwan

Head Hunting Service
We hunt outstanding talents in different trades for you through a complete, multifaceted enterprise head hunting service.

The flow of head hunting


Overseas Recruitment Service
No matter where you from and what position you need, only you need talent from Taiwan. Career Sun will offer you the talent.

The flow of overseas recruitment

  • Employer Requirements

    Employers propose recruitment requirements based on actual needs.

  • Business Visit

    Visits on employers for discussion and contract execution.

  • Provision of Candidate CV

    Provide employers with the CV of eligible candidates.

  • Interview

    Arrange interviews with candidates after employers review CVs.

  • Communication

    Assisting the selected candidates and employer to confirm the condition of hire and report for duty

  • Employment Decision

    Employers provide the employment agreement, acceptance notice; and assist in applying for work visas.

  • Career Sun Services

    Full assistance and help for accepted candidates from departure to inauguration.